Could this really be the nicest place on the internet?
Added 02/03/2012
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That is a website where strangers offer you nothing but free, virtual hugs set to pretty music. As the creators of say, the site is for those times you need to "turn the sad into happy and the happy into celebration."



Rating 8.0

'The Nicest Place On The Internet', is certainly a unique concept. It's a nice idea that one can simply visit a site feeling a little blue and have their day filled with positivity by way of the outstretched arms of strangers. There is a plethora of virtual hugs on offer from different people, presumably all over the world all set to the song "I have never loved someone' by My Brightest Diamond, which fits perfectly with the whole experience.


Rating 9.0

This is one of the rare sites that simply allows one just to sit back and do nothing once they've logged in. The full screen videos start playing automatically and will carry on running until one decides they've had enough. Beyond that, there are some very simple controllers to be found at the bottom left of the screen that allow one to pause and skip backwards or forwards through the videos. Just above the aforementioned, are some very basic options that allow one to learn more about the sites creator and add their own videos etc. And that's about it really, well, that's apart from the usual social network links; the perfect way to share the love!


Rating 9.0

The layout of this site works really well and the relatively simple graphics and text juxtapose perfectly against the all important videos of the hugs. This all makes total sense because, after all, the whole idea of this site is to help to make the user feel more relaxed and happier in this calming environment; if it was cluttered with loads of unnecessary fluff, it would totally defeat the object. The pixelated heart logo fits in perfectly with this simple concept and at the same time, it still manages to look slick and contemporary.


Rating 8.7

I would love to believe from the caverns of my wretched heart, that all the 'hug' videos on the site are sincere and that the contributors genuinely want to give me a warm hug to help fill my day with joy. Sadly, because I'm so cynical, I can't help but believe that a large portion of the videos I've seen have been added more as a tongue in cheek giggle than a genuine gesture towards the maudlin out there.
For these reasons, I would debate that this site is the nicest place on the internet; personally, if I want cheering up, I would sooner look at funny dog videos on youtube. However, I certainly wouldn't condemn this site and the fact that it's trying to create a positive environment for it's visitors; that can only be a good thing. So regardless of what I say, I would certainly recommend taking a look at the site and even if the videos are slightly less than genuine, you never know, they might just bring a dusting of joy to your dull and melancholic day.