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Added 28/02/2012
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Internet Technology


IFTTT is possibly one of the most useful platforms on the web for extending content from one service to another. Based on the abbreviated principle of 'If This Then That' raises the question as to what is possible through connecting content platforms together in order to automatically link, extend and share in useful and economical ways.



Rating 9.0

Imagine a service that connects your most commonly used platforms and allows you to connect content from network to network. Every time you make a post or upload data to one channel it goes out to another automatically. For instance it allows your Flickr photos to be posted on your Facebook every time you upload a new set, or your new blog post to appear on your Facebook profile as well as your page as soon as its posted, well theres a way. Designed mainly for the heavier web user, someone who likes to log or share the activities and content across their other networks. IFTTT simply allows you to 'connect' any kind of platform you're signed into and by way of 'If This Then That' rule, connect and extend content and activities from each service to another. A lot is possible and your imagination is the limit, or quite simply the amount of platforms you use.


Rating 8.0

A very comprehensive visual display leads you through activating links or 'connecting' with the platforms you use and want to extend or share e.g. tumblr posts to go out as tweets on twitter, setting up and editing 'tasks' and showing you your current list of working tasks and published recipe's. A task would be any one function between platforms. This could well be something like; saving your 'Instagram' photo's to your 'Dropbox' online folder or notifying your Gmail account (via email) of when a new search result comes up via RSS Feed. As well as all these time saving functions one may require, you can also browse the many shared 'recipes' submitted by the IFTTT user giving food for thought as to what IFTTT is really capable of and tailoring your web requirements from platform to platform - function to function. Some of the more clever ones include telling you when its going to rain in your area by the 'weather report' sending you a push notification on your smart phone or downloading your 'watch later' selections on youtube to your Dropbox online folder. Though be careful the automation of some of these tools are by no means fool proof. The twitter function allows one to set up an automatic retweet setting - thought without a 'NOT' function meaning it can rewet your Retweet, which is , yes, a digital content feedback loop nightmare. Meaning you retweet yourself until the function is stopped. You have been warned.


Rating 8.0

The clean, spacious design of IFTTT follows the simple form and function of how your tasks are planned out. When you begin to design a task the layout takes you on a descending journey across If - This - Then - That selecting your platform, content function and direction with large print and iconography to make the use of IFTTT all the more user-easy. The clear and bold design makes it far more easier to follow, recheck and review the mental planning, direction and optimisation of all your tasks in use. Once signed in, the profile landing page shows a list of all your tasks with large on/off, delete, share


Rating 8.3

IFTTT is the one solution advanced users web versatility and on / offline synchronicity have been yearning for. It adopts all the unique functions of most of the popular and constructive web platforms and brings them all together to overlap, synchronise, adapt and adopt one another to work as one wonderful dynamic mechanism. IFTTT does have its limitations on not catering for all platforms but it makes up for this in leaps and bounds through what it can do and the customisation and control it gives the user.