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Added 28/02/2012
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We Are Hunted The online music chart.
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We are hunted is a visual based, music discovery platform based on new and stylish bands across the world. It provides a very well designed and integrated website for listening, discovering and exploring new pop musicians based on web popularity, blog mentions and metadata results.



Rating 7.0

As a web based app for the more 'NME or Pitchfork' oriented music fan WAH takes into account popularity of musicians through online furore, much in the same way 'hype machine' charts single songs or artist mentions through collecting metadata and analytical statistics. WAH provides you with a huge list of single song / artist suggestions based on various kinds of search results. Its core roster caters mainly for new and popular western styled pop musicians but does also extend through a huge amount of other genres, both new and old.


Rating 5.0

The system of finding new and relatively interesting new music on We Are Hunted depends on how you interact with the site - One may use We Are Hunted to scan your Facebook likes or tweets in order to provide accurate suggestions on your tastes in listening. It also allows you to browse by different charts or categories being most 'shared music' or 'most loved' or 'most played'. Users can also buy, read up on, leave a small review. We are hunted has some awesome integration with its app side extending to android, Iphone, Pocket Hipster, Music Hunter and Spotify apps it also integrates into scanning Facebook, Twitter or HypeFm music mentions to personalise the listening experience further. As with most music platforms sharing your favourite discoveries only fuels the fire and We Are Hunted is no exception- sharing is encouraged in several sways both directly through actively tweeting or FB liking your song or band or through Lastfm connections that scribble your listens much like on Itunes or Spotify.


Rating 8.0

A great design based on a tiled wall of musician profile shots and different arrangements of these based on the kind of playlist you're listening to. The design leaves much to be discovered which is great if you have time to try out all the different angles of information and mentions. The mapping of the site is great with minimised music player, more focus on the style or info behind each musician, a stable framework and fluid movement and dynamic, largely overlooked in a lot of other music sites.


Rating 6.7

We Are Hunted is mostly awesome - the function and design of the platform are leading although the extent and depth of the music discovery leaves something to be desired as only single songs per artist are mostly accessible and even then the range of artists is withheld in the web-o-sphere of hype bringing you up to speed fast on whats hot and not but leaves you hanging when theres not much new the next few days with the same single tracks. Its great for a day in the week but not for everyday music discovery.