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Whenever a document, book or a website contains the number '101' it is a suggestion that it contains all the necessary information about a certain topic - plus a little bit more. Suite101 contains articles on many subjects, even some unpopular or bizarre ones, and even though they are mostly short, they might help the reader get the basic information about the topic he's interested in - and possibly a bit more.



Rating 7.0

Suite101 wes created 13 years ago as a site where people can find good quality articles from a wide spectrum of topics. The site contains over half a million articles and a growing army of authors, who write in English, Spanish, German and French. Apart from being a huge library, Suite101 supports aspiring writers in their quest to becoming well known and offers them revenue for published works.


Rating 7.0

From the reader's point of view, Suite101 is much like other sites with articles. One can look for a specific one using keywords, or browe through one of many thematic categories, or ust focus on the news, or 'trending topics' which are highlighted on the home page. Navigation is easy and intuitive.

For the writers, however, the site has more to offer. First of all, to become a part of the 20,000 writers' team, one must submit an application and impress the jury with his writing skill. If accepted, the writer can start publishing articles, following certain guidelines (the number of words, 3d person perspective etc) but the choice of topics is free. Once published, the article will generate a small amount of money with each visit. Unfortunately for the authors, the amount is not impressive at all, it's less than $2 for 1000 views, so in order to get some decent money one would have to submit a great amout of articles or be one of the most popular writers.

Beginners have their articles checked and edited, and receive feedback, but once the editors' team decides they manage the process, they can post without supervision.


Rating 7.0

The site is well designed and neatly divided into topics, and easy to explore for the reader. Most articles have pictures, which amakes them more pleasant to read, but there are also advertisments, which might be a bit annoying for some visitors.


Rating 7.0

Suite101 is definately an interesting site with a lot of valuable content. The idea of paying the writers and helping them with the first steps is also admirable. However, the revenue system might not be really motivating, so it's probably a good place for those who want to publish, but not necessarily have writing as the main source of income.


Trupki Kasia Zielińska On Mon Feb 11:35am
Trupki Kasia Zielińska On Mon Feb 11:35am