What is Your Jam?
Added 21/02/2012
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This Is My Jam What's your jam?
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What's your song of the moment, the one song you have stuck on repeat, the one song you unconsciously hum, whistle, tell your friends about, tweet it, love it on lastFM, heart it on Hype Machine, loop it on your ipod, draw a doodle to it, buy the remix, and jump up in the club when youre out with your friends shouting "This is it, THIS IS MY JAM" ..... Well now you have somewhere to log, or blog, well micro-blog 'your Jam'. A way to share with your friends the current track that is making you swoon and cheer, move and sing at that moment in time.



Rating 8.0

The idea for this is my Jam appeared as a response to there being nowhere official online for posting a single track of the week. Sure there were plenty of playlist sites, countless blogs but nothing like a connected, integrated site that connected friends and music lovers together in a place to share that 'track of the moment'. Former LastFm workers and music site developers came up with the concept upon realising the potential and minimal effort required to maintain such a network. So not only contributing your favourite track of now but also listening to a list of everyone else's!


Rating 9.0

This is my Jam allows you to create an account and connects to your Facebook, Twitter and LastFm accounts. you can add a basic profile pic and background and get on with adding your Jam. This is done by searching for your current Jam through results from other music and video networks; Hype Machine, Soundcloud and Youtube, to choose one of the results being either a video or audio sample with whatever artwork is available. The Jam then updates to your corresponding Facebook and Twitter profiles attracting new friends and followers.


Rating 8.0

The design is bold fresh and uncluttered. The overall color theme is a distinctive bright yellow which represents the unique ethos of This Is My Jam very well. Users can customise their profile page to an extent with either integrated avatars and the option of personal background or a choice of highly varied default backdrops too. The principle of This is My Jam is selectiveness which corresponds in the design as clearing away endless lists and excessively packed in content. Leaving the main focus being a single, high quality and choice 'Jam' of the week to listen to.


Rating 8.3

This is My Jam is a music lovers breath of fresh air for those eager to share their new favourite or re-discovered ear worms and musical discoveries. Brought to us by some of the most innovative music developers of the moment it allows us to contribute and discover in a selective and minimal interaction. A diversive response to the endless music blogs, and excessive playlists, outlining the discerning choices of those who have already waded through the lists, who have honed sense of music selection and rare and seasoned tastes in order to discover the very best of music from your connections.