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FatCap Street-art and graffiti.
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FatCap is an excellent site for the latest and greatest in graffiti and street art. From pictures to interviews, and even a member site that you can upload your work to, this site is pure crack for anyone that loves art.



Rating 9.0

FatCap really is a tour de force. It's the most comprehensive street art website i have come across to date. It features editorials, pictures and videos relating to a plethora of different artists such as 'Shadow', 'Obey', 'Spideruze' and 'Swift'. I have no doubt that whatever ones interests are in the vast realms of street art, there will be something on offer here to impress, inspire and to get the creative rivers flowing.


Rating 7.0

'FatCap' certainly isn't the first Street Art site I have come across but what makes this one stand out is the fact that it's a much more comprehensive site as opposed to a simple blog based site like so many of the others out there. Baring this in mind, there are many categories on offer for the user to search under. These include 'Editorials', 'Pictures', 'Videos', and 'Community'. Then there are a plethora of different subcategories to select from the drop-downs of each of the latter mentioned. Down the right hand side of the page, there are four other key categories that include 'World Graffiti', 'Graffiti Types', Graffiti Supports' and 'Graffiti Styles'; all with their own sub categories to choose from. Personally I find there is just too much choice in how one searches for work. Fair enough, like with any site, if one uses it enough, all the nooks and crannies along with the sites idiosyncrasies, become familiar and like second nature but then at the same time it's easy to be impatient when going through the honeymoon period with a new site, so there is a risk that certain users wont want to revisit the site because they can get their fix of street art from simpler and more user friendly sites.


Rating 7.0

I can't quite put my finger on it but there's something about the design and layout of 'FatCap' that doesn't particularly grab me. It could possibly be the red gradated background, it's so bold that it party eclipses the photos of the impressive street art on offer. It almost reminds me of a tabloid newspaper environment. Or perhaps it's the busyness of the pages. Sometimes it's nicer just to have large, strong images that jump off the page rather than having to sit squinting at small thumbnails.
On the plus side, the layout has been designed very well and has the professional and slick quality that one would hope for in such a comprehensive site of this nature.


Rating 7.7

I feel very divided by FatCap. I admire the fact that the site started in 1998 and has evolved over the years into what it is today. But then on the other hand, even though i never saw it back then, I think it could possibly benefit more from being stripped back somewhat to a simple blog style site like it was in it's early days; or at least make the initial home page much more visual, keeping the thumbnail elements more for the archive sections.
I must emphasis that this is only my opinion and I'm sure there will be a myriad of regular users out there who would totally disagree and in fact completely embrace the site and what it has to offer. Take a look and decide for yourself, it is definitely worth it.