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Added 16/06/2009
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T-shirts are not only a part of underwear, but a fashion, ideology and subculture statement. Those who want to follow the current fashion can just buy t-shirts in a store, but those who prefer to express their individual tastes and ideas, might like to take a look at Threadless.



Rating 8.0

<p>The whole site is about t-shirts - creating new designs, rating, commenting, printing and selling. It is also a place, where young artists can get promoted, earn money and even become internet celebrities. Threadless allows designers to show their works, and gives other users the opportunity to buy fresh, trendy and interesting designs, straight from the source.</p>


Rating 8.0

<p>Threadless functions like a cross between a shop and a gallery, with some networking features on the way. New users can browse through the whole catalogue of published designs, through the artists' galleries, or categories. Threadless tees category is filled with designs created by the artists, TypeTees is about t-shirts with popular slogans, such as "Nostalgia was Better in the Old Days", The "Select" category features designs created by established artists, whose works do not have to go through the scoring process before they get printed. The last category, KIDS! consists of cute designs for the youngest users, starting with baby clothes.</p>
<p>Each product can be added to the cart (whose sad-faced icon is so convincing, that you just want to fill it with goodies), bought and shipped. In case of any doubts, the user can refer to the clear and detailed FAQ form, which explains just about everything.</p>
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<p>Users also rate (score) the shirts, deciding which ones will go to print and become available to buy. They also influence the creation of TypeTees, by submitting their ideas, and then voting whether they'd wear a shirt with this sentence or not. They can also submit their own photos in the shirt they'd bought through the site, and it will be displayed next to the design</p>
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<p>Users who manage to get their slogan published, get $500, while those who submit a successful graphic design might earn more than $25 000 on one shirt.</p>


Rating 9.0

<p>The site is very easy to navigate, even with the growing number of products. The only drawback might be the lack of keyword search option. The graphic design of the site is nice and modest, so it doesn't draw the attention away from the t-shirts. Also, the catalogue page is very nice, allowing the design we roll mouse over to become a full t-shirt, instead of a folded one. </p>


Rating 8.3

The idea for this site is a very bright one - as t-shirts are linked to the owner's individuality more than other pieces of clothing, it's clear that those who wear them will prefer something original, and who can supply original idea better than a real artist? It's also really interesting, to allow the artists to show the faces that stand behind their designs, and let them communicate and get feedback from the people who decide to wear their works. The creators of the site managed to draw artists who will submit the designs and customers who will buy them, offer an enormous range of styles and sizes and use a reliable payment and shipping method. This is a very professional site with a relaxed, but creative atmosphere.