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Vandalog A street art blog.
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Vandalog is a multiblog covering the international street art scene. Vandalog is a website about street art. The blog has interviews with artists and gallery directors, pictures of work on the street, news on upcoming shows and print releases, reviews of shows, and other features.



Rating 9.0

Vandalog was created in October 2008 as a site that informs its users of what's new and what's going on within the global street art scene, using a fusion of highly colourful examples of work combined with articles. The blog is kept up to date by a number of writers who all share a keen interest in the subject. Unlike certain other blog sites that share a love of street art, Vandalog doesn't just talk about how amazing all the work on offer is, it actually talks about it objectively and isn't afraid to leave negative comments when it feels they're justified. Don't get me wrong, it's clear that the comments are simply the opinion of the writer and the user is still given enough breathing space to make their own informed decisions on the work in question.
One can find work on offer from some of the great street artists including 'Futura 2000', 'Banksy' and 'Shepard Fairey' and no matter what ones favoured style is, there will be something here to impress.


Rating 9.0

As a blog site, it's not surprising that Vandalog is very simple to use and navigate. The user can either scroll down the main page reading and viewing the latest postings or they can choose from a number of 'Featured Posts' to peruse. Alternatively, should they want to search for a specific artist or article, they can use the handy 'Search for' facility. My only criticism here is that there doesn't appear to be any way to filter ones searches, which could be a bit of a nuisance if, for example, they only want to view articles on one particular style.
Other noteworthy features on offer are the 'London street art tour' and the 'Shop', both of which can be linked to by using the navigation bar at the top of the page. The shop links to a sub section of the site that has a selection of t-shirts available to purchase that feature artwork from various street artists. Unfortunately there is very little on offer here but the items that are there are well worth a look; hopefully over time there will be a much vaster selection available. As one can probably guess, the 'London street art tour' section gives details of a street art tour that one can participate in should they be in London. It's very well priced and aimed at 'anyone with a curiosity about street art.' I haven't personally ever participated but next time i'm in London I will be very tempted.


Rating 9.0

Visually, Vandalog is a clean, simple and slick blog. Rather than going for a background of the cliched bricks and spray paint that can so often be associated with street art, the sites creators have wisely gone completely the other way with this stripped back, white and black approach. This simplicity works perfectly as a backdrop to the sites amazing array of street art photographs and allows them to speak for themselves.


Rating 9.0

Vandalog is a great site and it's certainly worthy of repeat visits. Ok, there are others out there like it but it's slick appearance combined with its simple user experience certainly help it to stand out from the rest. I have no doubt that you will marvel at some of the amazing, innovative and beautiful street art on offer here.