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Added 02/02/2012
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TuneCrank is both a record chart and a hub for independent musicians and music lovers. The site displays a ranking of songs on the main page known as the CrankRank. Each ranking position is determined by the number of positive and negative reviews the song receives by both the TuneCrank community and anonymous users alike. The number of plays a song receives is also a determining factor in how well it ranks.



Rating 9.0

Tunecrank is a neat idea especially at a time when up and coming musicians need as much help as they can get in order to get their music heard. The concept that anyone can add their music regardless of style and genre is great and in theory, gives everyone the same chance to get their music played. The fact that the amount of social interaction on Tunecrank determines how well the artists do within the realms of the site via its own chart, is also a very clever idea; I'm sure that element alone will help to generate a buzz.


Rating 9.0

Tunecrank is a pleasure to use thanks to it's simple interfaces and fuss free homepage. The creators have identified that there doesn't need to be loads of 'fluff' to greet the user and instead gets down to the nitty gritty by letting us dive straight into the most important element; the music on offer.
The user can play music from one of three categories that include 'Crankrank', 'Latest Tunes' and 'Tunes on Fire'. Failing that, they can select specific artists to listen to from the alphabetized 'Tunemakers' section found on the right of the page. Once an artist has been clicked on, a new page will open with a list of all tunes available by them along with an image, biog and 'Twitter' and 'Facebook' links. Statistics such as 'plays' and rankings are also displayed.
Obviously the musicians themselves, will need to register their details and create an account in order to have their music available.


Rating 9.0

The design and layout of Tunecrank is excellent. The fuss free concept that seems to be present throughout is certainly apparent when it comes to the aesthetics of the site. A clean crisp white background works perfectly with the grey text and icons, while the deep orange accents found within the fun and contemporary logo, add enough interest without being overpowering. Thanks to the impeccable execution, this minimal approach works and has managed to avoid looking dull and unappealing, which could have so easily been the case had the design taken a marginally different path.


Rating 9.0

In the same way Myspace helped to launch the careers of now famous musicians such as 'Lily Allen' and the 'Arctic monkeys', Tunecrank should certainly be able to help new up and coming musicians to get noticed and even signed to record labels, assuming that it attracts enough users. My only concern for Tunecrank right now is that it needs more musicians adding their work in order to make it more of a success. Although from what I can see, the site has only been active since 2011, so they certainly appear to be going in the right direction. Overall, it has all the ingredients to be a great success and with the right amount of traffic and exposure it could be a force to be reckoned with.