The Mundane Transformed
Added 02/02/2012
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Things Organized Neatly is a Tumblr photoblog by Indianapolis designer Austin Radcliffe, of things that are, well, arranged very neatly (just like it says on the tin).



Rating 10

To be honest, if someone had explained to me, prior to seeing it, that there is a site out there literally dedicated to things organised neatly, I'm sure I could have easily fallen asleep on the spot at the very thought. However, this pretty unique little gem of a blog is far from dull, in fact it's the antithesis, it's more a beautiful and fascinating showcase of often mundane items presented in such a way that they become something to be marveled at and in certain cases, I'm sure they wouldn't look out of place displayed in a gallery. The postings often remind me of the work of British artist Andy Goldsworthy, who basically goes outdoors into nature and takes found items such as leaves and twigs and literally rearranges them on site to create stunning works of beauty. It's this ability to reinterpret mundane and often boring items into something that suddenly has context and aesthetic appeal, which ultimately impacts on the way we perceive the space around us.


Rating 9.0

'Things Organized Neatly' is powered by Tumblr, so it's not surprising that everything functions very well here. The postings are presented in chronological order and if the user scrolls down to the foot of the page and clicks 'archive' they are presented with thumbnails of all submitted images under their appropriate month. This makes it really easy to find specific images that one could have viewed in the past. There is even a filtering system that allows one to directly choose a specific month and year from a drop-down menu.
It could have been nice to have seen some kind of filtering system that allows the user to search under specific categories but then realistically I'm not sure how this could be achieved as so many of the postings are pretty abstract in theme.


Rating 9.0

As I previously mentioned, 'Things Organized Neatly' is powered by Tumblr and a theme has been used to create the blog. However, this doesn't alter the fact that the chosen theme has been very well selected and perfectly compliments the images on display, achieving a very slick and contemporary feel with a minimal aesthetic that weaves everything together into a visual success.


Rating 9.3

It's refreshing to see such an interesting concept for a blog site. Through 'Things Organized Neatly', Austin Radcliffe has succeed in taking a potentially boring concept and turning it into a site to be proud of. The frequency of submissions on display should be testament to the success of the blog and if those are the postings we see, there must be many that don't even make it which indicates how good the quality control must be in the selection process.
I hope this site carries on because not only is it visually fascinating but it gives us a great insight into the lives of so many different people.