Girl Ambition - a safe place for teenagers
Added 16/06/2009
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Girl Ambition Girls' onramp to the Internet
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Girl Ambition is a site for teenage girls (and boys, who are not terrified by lots of pink), but unlike other popular sites, such as Miss Bimbo, this site is promoting something we could call "healthy" internet use. We won't find full breasted figures, diet encouragement, and celebrity gossip here, only inspirational, age appropriate and educational fun.



Rating 8.0

<p>This site was created by three moms, who wanted to provide a safe and fun place In the Internet for their kids, and also knew what kinds of activities and features, they would enjoy the most. The important thing is, that Girl Ambition aims at providing positive kind of fun and creativity. So, there are games, art, crafts, contests, and social networking tools, parents' corner, and detailed safety rules.</p>


Rating 9.0

<p>New users have to register with their parents, because one of the Girl Ambition features is that parents have access to their kids' accounts. This was introduced to enhance the safety of the site, and help teach new internet users reasonable online behavior. Safety is one of the keywords on this site, and there are at least 5 tools to make the site even less dangerous. The Buddy List has to be approved by the parent, the user can only send messages to people who are on the approved list, there's also the Girl Ambition Code of Conduct, which describes the way one should behave while using the internet. Of course, new users create their profiles, and characters, who look like teenage girls, and then can explore the whole tree of fun activities. The "Activity Studio" section is filled with ideas for things that can be done offline, such as feeding birds, making greeting cards, etc. Then, users can post pictures of their creations and inspire other girls. "Giving Tree" allows the users to take part in many real life charity events, such as "Locks of Love" where children donate their cut hair to those who suffer from hair loss, and help them to get free wigs. "Games" section obviously contains games, but they too are appropriate for the age and general idea of the site., There are "room decorating", "cooking" and "beauty" games, but none of them features any nudity or violence. The last, but very important feature I'd like to mention is the Live TV, where users can post their own inspirational videos.</p>


Rating 4.0

<p>The layout is just appropriate for the target users - with lots and lots of cute details, bees, butterflies, flowers and other girly things and colors. There are so many links and pages, that an adult could feel a bit overwhelmed, but the new generation of internet kids deals with that just fine. The only drawback that I could find is that at some points, the site takes a long time to load, which might spoil the fun of exploring for a young person.</p>


Rating 7.0

<p>This site is a great place to introduce children to using the Internet in a safe and fun way. The content is appropriate for young girls, can inspire them to do crafts, record their own videos, make friends, and get a role model, who is much more intelligent and interesting than most of the teenage celebrities. It also promotes the ideas of charity, sharing and creating a sense of self worth based on the qualities of personality, and not appearance. The only thing I would disagree with is the exclusion of boys, and focusing the site only on girls. Maybe the developers should consider creating a Boy Ambition site?</p>