The Good, the Bad and the Briiliant
Added 01/02/2012
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Creative Criminals It's all about advertising.
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Introduction: is an advertising multiblogblog with a daily selection of the most creative ads.



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Not surprisingly, the stunningly visual 'Creative Criminals' has been created by a group of advertising professionals. The trio are based in Belgium and set the blog up to showcase their love of the cool, quirky and humorous adverts from around the world.
I generally find that good and even bad adverts are often a big talking point amongst friends and family, so i love the idea that there's such a great collection available to peruse under one highly creative and imaginative umbrella. My favourite posting has to be 'The Bark Side' Volkswagen TV advert in which various dogs are featured barking the music from Star Wars; it literally had me laughing out loud.


Rating 10

'Creative Criminals' is a very slick and simple to use blog. Every new posting is listed in chronological order with various filtering options that allow one to search by categories such as 'animation', 'billboard', 'Fake or real' and 'print'. There is also the option to jump straight to a specific page of your choice, should you so desire.
Besides the aforementioned, there is a page located in the main navigation at the top of the blog that allows one to submit adverts of their choice. There's no guarantees they will be added to the site but they will certainly be considered.


Rating 10

The design of this blog is outstanding! The way it successfully merges humour, amazing illustration and a myriad of different images that have no particular aesthetic theme, is great. The attention to detail from the top of the page right to the very footer is fantastic. Even the way they've presented the web adverts is clever; they've managed to fuse them into the overall design rather than making them look isolated and awkward like so many other sites.


Rating 10

I personally love to see a well thought out and imaginative advert, so to have a great selection like this under one roof is a big bonus. I'm possibly one of the worst people for advertisers to target as I generally don't recall the products featured but just remember the content of the advert. Unfortunately I don't take pleasure in sitting through a commercial break enduring terrible adverts trying to coax me into purchasing a cheap carpet or some breakfast cereal that will have me leaping around in a red swimsuit. So the fact that I can just go straight to a website and view a selection of the good ones at my own leisure is a definite plus.

The 'Creative Criminals' blog is a rare treat. Even in the unlikely event that you were to hate the content on offer, you will find yourself marveling at just how quirky and fun the site itself is. I urge you to take a look!