Books of Adam
Added 01/02/2012
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Books of Adam is a comic blog of ridiculous events that Adam Ellis, blogger and illustrator of the site, gets himself into.



Rating 10

I recently reviewed the truly magnificent blog called 'Stuff No-one Told Me' by the highly talented Alex Noriega and when I came across 'Books of Adam', I was happy to learn there are others out there like Noriega who have succeeded in creating funny, witty and almost poignant, autobiographical snapshots of their lives. The fantastic illustrator and author in question here is Adam Ellis. Within moments of me scrolling down the page, I was laughing out loud at his humorous anecdotes that he's beautifully illustrated. Each page of the blog represents one specific story and reads much like a graphic novel. The actual story that had me chortling away is entitled 'I need a cat', and amongst other cat related musings, Adam discusses how a cat nearly vomited on his back whilst he slept; very funny indeed.


Rating 9.0

Books of Adam is powered by Blogger and although very simple, it's brought to life by Adams' amazing illustration work. It has all the ingredients that one would expect from a fully functional blog site of this nature and is a breeze to navigate. As I previously mentioned, each individual story is represented on it's own page of the blog and all the previous postings can be easily accessed by scrolling to the foot of the page and clicking on the 'older posts' button. There is an option down the right hand site that allows one to select and view all the stories from specific months.
It's also worth noting that there are also links to 'Apparel', Other Goods' and a 'Portrait Store' down the right hand side that allow one to view and purchase an array of goods featuring Adams great illustrations.


Rating 9.0

As you've probably guessed by now, I think Adams illustration work is fantastic and thankfully he's selected a white backdrop that nestles perfectly underneath his predominantly black & white work. He has used the odd splash of colour here and there which creates a nice contrast. This is most noticeable with his colourful logo that succeeds in complimenting the rest of the blog. Overall, this is a very simple layout and that's exactly how it should be. It would have been an awful shame if the design of the blog had detracted from his work.


Rating 9.3

I'm sure there must be many blogs of this nature out there that despite meaning something to their owner, don't have any particular interest to other mere mortals. However, 'Books of Adam' is hilarious and I have no doubt that it will appeal to a mass audience.
Adam Ellis should be proud of what he's achieved and I hope he carries on adding new and hilarious stories on a regular basis.