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Added 01/02/2012
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Art in My Coffee A collection of foamy awesomeness.
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Art in My Coffee is a Tumblr blog which catalogs latte art from all around the world.



Rating 8.0

There are some very cool and creative designs on display at 'Art in my Coffee'and for someone who neither drinks coffee, let alone knows how to create such intricate coffee topped creations, it seems like a great idea to have a blog that showcases such work.
Amongst a plethora of leaf based designs, there are some very impressive, almost unique creations that include snoopy, a unicorn, an elephant and a 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle' but the award for the most bizarre and intriguing concept has to go to the person that decided to create the face of George Bush!


Rating 6.0

This tumblr based blog is very simple to use. One just peruses the list of images on offer and then has the option to click the '+ link' button to see the full details of the posting including the option to like or dislike it, as well as the possibility to share the posting on Facebook and Twitter. However, if one just clicks the image itself, a larger version will open on a blank page. Personally I feel it would make more sense to have the whole image as the '+ link' button, having a separate button that allows one to enlarge the image.
My main bugbear here is the fact that one doesn't appear to be able to jump to a specific page number when searching for particular images. The only way to navigate the pages is using the 'next' and 'prev' buttons but if for instance one is on page five and wants to get to page one hundred and twenty, they are going to have to just keep clicking through until they get to the desired page. There is a search field further up the page but this doesn't pick up on specific page numbers.


Rating 10

'Art in my Coffee' is extremely well designed and literally looks great. The colour palette of creams and browns fits in perfectly with the coffee theme without being tacky and everything from the layout and composition to the fonts and spacing works brilliantly. I especially take my hat off to the logo design. The illustration is beautiful and has the added quirky twist of a 'mouse-over' feature that shows the cup empty with the word 'yum' inside. This sort of attention to detail juxtaposed with light humour really does finish everything off perfectly.
It's also worth pointing out that despite being powered by tumblr, a theme hasn't been used and everything is bespoke.


Rating 8.0

Overall, it's a really nice idea to have a blog that showcases what people can do with their coffee to give it that extra bit of wow factor. However, despite there being some genuinely intricate, clever and aesthetically stunning examples illustrated, I feel that maybe there's way to much repetition, so much so that it's on the fringes of being boring and uninteresting; especially when it comes to leaf based examples. Then again, I know people who work in coffee shops who take genuine pride in their coffee art, so if this blog gives them the opportunity to see what others are doing and to add examples of their own handy work, who am I to stand in their way?


Love this blog - quite unique too considering its not by professional / world class baristas!
Picture-109 MattHope On Mon Feb 12:36am