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Added 16/06/2009
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Gifteer is a site designed to help us find and buy the most interesting, or useful gifts for family, friends, or co-workers. According to the creators, its a great place for users to share their ideas, post their wish lists, and find inspiration before the next Christmas shopping spree. But is it true?



Rating 7.0

<p>The basic idea of the site is, that finding good gifts is a difficult business. Everyone who received a tenth pair of socks, or perfumes he's allergic to can agree with that. Getting presents for people we know well and like, should be easy, but after a couple of years, the ideas run out. It's even more scary, when we are supposed to get something for the boss, the teacher, or a dreaded aunt. Also, as the authors of the site write in their blog, in the times of crisis, we should aim for smart gifts, and not stupid gadgets. And here, we can discuss with other people, what is smart and what is stupid.</p>


Rating 2.0

<p>The first thing that struck me is that the site appears in French, which is quite original, as most startups are in English now. As I'm not a French speaker, I tried to change the language of the site, but it turned out, that find the flag icons are only on the "privacy policy" section. Unfortunately, it only works for the blog, and the rest of the site remains in French. New users can create their profiles, add friends, post their own wishes, and read about their friends' ones. There's also a possibility of creating a group, which will discuss presents, occasions, and related subjects. And that's about it. The only way to interact with other members is to invite them to your friends' list, or to a created group, so a new user, with no network has little to do. It's impossible to browse the profiles of other users, so it's necessary to enter the email address of the person you want to invite.</p>
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<p>So it looks like you can invite only your real friends, to discuss presents for mutual friends - an activity which can be easily performed off line. I'd think it would be much more interesting to share ideas with people from different cultures and learn about "exotic" habits and traditions, and get inspired. But instead, we get a platform for exchanging wishes for people who know each other, and could simply talk about what they know. The site contains a calendar where birthday and anniversary dates could be entered, which would be a useful tool for any gift-giver. But calendars are available in many other places (Facebook, Plaxo), so it's hardly a great innovation. There's also a general forum, with threads such as "gifts", "product reviews" and "bugs and features".</p>


Rating 7.0

<p>The site is very pretty - designed in nice, clear colors, with trendy, flowery ornaments. The layout can be changed according to the season and the upcoming gift occasion (Valentines, Christmas, winter themes). The site would be very pleasant to look at, if only there was anything to do on it.</p>


Rating 5.3

<p>The idea seems interesting, but the site appears unfinished, and flawed in some important points. It would have to contain much more features to really draw attention of the users. If it's intended for groups of real life friends, who will discuss in their own closed groups, I doubt it can become a success. Also, giving and receiving gifts is a nice part of life, but I doubt that many people do it as an everyday activity, and really need to take part in a social networking community, and discuss presents on a regular basis. Maybe, if the site was designed more like Swingvine, where people write product reviews, share information and get rewards it would make more sense. Unfortunately, as it is, it has very little to offer to a new user.</p>