This Is Why I'm Broke
Added 27/01/2012
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ThisIsWhyImBroke has dedicated itself to sourcing and bringing you the world's craziest, coolest and most bizarre inventions.



Rating 9.0

The first thing that stands out for me about 'This is Why Im Broke' is its name. I think it's very witty and gives us a good indication of what the site is all about. So in short, it's a blog that showcases weird and wonderful products available to buy elsewhere online from a plethora of different sources. It's very handy how any product that takes my fancy from the vast list on offer can easily be purchased but then I guess it's this ease that makes the situation equally as deadly, hence the quirky site name.
I'm sure if you're like me, when it comes to purchasing gifts for certain friends and family members, it can be very difficult to find inspiration. So this site seriously helps with such present hunting dilemmas. The products listed range from very very low prices through to seriously expensive. So if you're on a tight budget you'll be delighted by the prices of items such as the 'Switchblade Pocket Comb', the 'Cassette Tape iPhone Case' and the 'Inanimate Character Stickers'. Whereas if you fancy splashing out, you could be tempted by the 'Water Jet Pack' or the 'Flying Car' that collectively come in at a cool half a million dollars!


Rating 8.0

'This is Why Im Broke' is a very clear and easy site to navigate around. The homepage starts straight away with a list of featured projects that each contain a product photo and a very brief description of what they are. The price and company selling them is also displayed next to a 'Check it Out' button that will take one directly to the product at its relevant site; a very quick and simple operation that is completely fuss free.
Beyond the homepage, there are various categories to search under including:' Newest Items', 'Gear & Tools', 'Geeky', 'Toys', 'Wearables', 'Home Stuff', 'Food + Drink' and 'Kid Stuff'. Then in turn, categories can be filtered further by filter headings such as 'Price Filter' and 'Gift Recipient', all of which make it very easy to narrow your search down. The only downside here is that once the user navigates away from the homepage, the way in which products are listed is simplified. This isn't a major problem apart from the fact that they've omitted the product description and the company selling. It would have been nice if they had kept these details as they would save the time having to click through to the sellers site just to get a brief product synopsis.


Rating 7.0

Overall the design and layout of the site is clean, crisp and clutter free. The grid system of product images looks neat set against the white background and grey text. I don't love the orange buttons and green price tags but they don't look out of place and do the job they are supposed to. I like the idea of the barcode logo they've used but even though I'm sure it's deliberate, it looks a bit blurred in places, which I would say dampens an otherwise great concept.


Rating 8.0

I have to admit that a lot of the items listed here make me laugh heartily, rather than fill me with desire to go out and purchase them. But then that's not such a bad thing, especially as it's fascinating looking at some of the bizarre ideas inventors and product designers come up with. I especially like the ridiculous 'Hands Free Umbrella Dome' and the bonkers 'Camera Lens Coffee Mug'. I wouldn't thank you if you gave me them but I would certainly laugh out loud.
So whether you are genuinely on the look out for a quirky, innovative present or treat for yourself or just a few quick laughs during you lunch break, 'This is Why Im Broke' is well worth checking out.