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Added 27/01/2012
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The Little People... A tiny street art project.
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Slinkachu is a young artist from the UK, an artist who got so creative that he managed to put together and turn small things into big art. It all started in 2006 with the Little People Project blog that involved remodeling and painting miniature model train set characters and then placing them on the street, in different scenes and created scenarios. This was not only a street installation project but also a photographic one.



Rating 10

As a massive advocate of street art, I was really happy to come across Slinkachus blog relating to his 'Little People Project' that he started in 2006. Unlike a lot of other street art that, although very good, can tend to be quite samey, the funny, cheeky and often poignant work on offer here is refreshingly original.
Not only does the blog feature postings about his latest work, it contains a great archive that goes right back to 2006. He has created installations locally in the UK including the cities of London and Manchester and then further afield in Stavanger (Norway), Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Athens, Marrakech and Grottaglie (Italy).

Some of the standout works on offer include 'Boys Own Adventures' where we see two little people attempting to throw a lego brick off what appears to be the top of a multistory car-park. And 'Death and Taxes', a street installation from the 2010 Fame Festival in Italy where passers by could here a coughing sound coming from a little person smoking on a life sized cigarette. Be sure to check out the video of this one, it's well worth it.


Rating 9.0

Not only are we presented with beautifully shot photographs documenting his work but we are also given videos of certain installations demonstrating how the public reacted to the works and how Slinkachu himself constructed them; a brilliant addition to the blog that goes a long way towards helping us to understand the social interaction his work evokes.
Besides the long scrollable list of work on offer, there are links that allow the user to click through and purchase both pin badges and prints relating to the 'Little People Project' from various other websites such as the 'Andipa Gallery' and 'Studiocromie'.


Rating 8.0

We are presented with a relatively simple layout here that consists of a predominantly white background. The logo and key links have been created to look as if they've been handwritten in marker pen, which is very fitting considering the blog is mainly dedicated to street art.
I very much like the multiple use of photos for each installation because rather than show just one image for each, we are presented with a plethora of different shots and angles at varying levels of magnification, ultimately helping to give the user a clearer impression of the scale of his work.


Rating 9.0

Not only does Slinkachus work harbor a great element of surprise for the onlooker, it also encourages them to take a closer look at what's going on around any given city, ultimately making them more aware of their direct surroundings. It's easy to get lost in the grime and dirt of a large urban space and at times it can feel bleak and even daunting. Thanks to the scale of the 'little people' we are encouraged to reconsider what lies beneath the surface and that sometimes, if we dig a little deeper, we can be pleasantly surprised by what we can discover.
Unfortunately I've never had the pleasure of coming across any of Slinkachus uniquely creative work in real life but I really hope that one of these days i will.