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In 2003 the avid LEGO fan Sean Kenney decided to create a community site for LEGO fans all over the world, celebrating the classic children's toy brand. The concept is simple; fans create unique objects and artwork using nothing but LEGO, and they post their creations on the site.



Rating 10

I don't know many people who haven't been addicted to playing with LEGO and it's incredible building properties at some point in their lives. So when I discovered a site dedicated to LEGO creations, I have to admit that the child inside me started to get very excited.
So the concept is simple, register you details and set up an account in order to share your images of your proud creations with an ever growing community of Lego fanatics. Failing that, you can refrain from joining and just be a voyeur of everyone's favourite colourful pieces of plastic.
It's worth noting that self confessed 'professional kid' Sean Kenney, the sites creator, is actually a 'LEGO Certified Professional'. This means he actually makes a living from creating models from LEGO for the likes of galleries, museums, television, magazines, celebrities, corporations, and so on. He even creates amazing portraits and sculptures, some of which are available to peruse on the site. And if this wasn't enough, he has authored three children's books about LEGO that collectively show further LEGO creations, besides giving building tips and instructions.


Rating 7.0

Overall this is a relatively simple site to use and navigate around. It's split into three sections that include 'Home', 'You' and 'Explore'. Like I said, there's nothing overly complicated on offer here but I can't help feeling that the user experience could be simplified further by amalgamating the 'Explore' page with the 'Home' page. 'Explore' is essentially a filtering system that allows the user to search by specific themes and categories such as 'Brands & Themes' and 'Technic'. There are also links to page sections such as 'Popular this week' and 'Most discussed'. Then the 'Homepage' not surprisingly is a more dilute version of the aforementioned, with emphasis on a particular creation that appears as a much larger image. I'm definitely an advocate of keeping homepages reasonably simple and uncluttered but in this case I feel that there is to much duplicity going on and a simple fusion of the two pages would work very well without comprising any of the sites breathing space.


Rating 5.0

Although the design and layout of Mocpages is clean and professionally presented, I feel that a big trick has been missed somewhere along the line. If i was given a brief to design a site showcasing LEGO creations and sculptures, my creative mind would be going into overdrive. Ok, it doesn't need to be overkill with images of LEGO bricks scattered everywhere and should certainly be innocuous enough so as not to detract from the great photos of peoples creations on display but at the same time a site that showcases such a creative product should surly have some degree of creativity itself. Instead everything feels rather corporate and sterile and would be much more suited to a corporate business or a bank.


Rating 7.3

I love this site and anyone who has a remote interest in LEGO is sure to find something to tickle their creative and/or funny bones on offer here. Whether it be one of the incredible LEGO portraits of famous faces such as Steve Jobs, Byung-Hun Lee and Barack Obama or a clever recreation of Dr Who's 'Tardis' (including Daleks).
As I previously mentioned, I feel that the site could do with a bit of a face lift to bring it inline with the creativity that's bursting from every orifice on display but at the same time this shouldn't detract from the sites amazing content. I have a hunch that a lot of the traffic to 'Mocpages' won't be children and quite rightly so. Embrace this site and release your inner child, you won't regret it!