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Ikea Hackers is a blog compiling Ikea hacks from all over the world. Ikea Hacker is the place to go to for an alternate view of Ikea and its furniture. It's full of creative ideas to make your mass produced pine furniture just that wee bit more personalized and unique.



Rating 10

Ikea is obviously so cemented within the public consciousness that it certainly doesn't need any introductions or explanations. So what exactly is 'Ikea Hackers' all about? It's basically a blog site showcasing items of Ikea furniture that have been modified (hacked) by their owners in an attempt to create something more individual and unique. Being a fan of original and quirky furniture myself, I have found that the often stark and sterile nature of Ikea furniture doesn't make me want to choose the Scandinavian giant as my first choice when seeking a new item. However, after seeing the delights on offer here, it's clear that with a little thought and imagination, almost anything is possible.

The blog is run and was started in May 2006 by a lady who uses the pseudonym 'Jules'. It made me chuckle to learn how she chose that specific name after flicking through the Ikea catalogue and seeing the 'Jules' chair. The site has no affiliation or direct connection with Ikea whatsoever and was purely started after Jules realised how many great examples of modified Ikea furniture there are out there and wanted to showcase them all under one umbrella.


Rating 8.0

Ikea Hackers is a very simple site to navigate. It has the familiar feel of a blog site with it's homepage that has a long flowing list of new posts in chronological order. At this stage, each post contains details under two key categories; 'Materials' and 'Description'. There is enough information displayed at this point that easily allows the user to decide whether or not they want to click through and read the rest of that specific post which includes more details such as a guide on how the 'hack' was achieved. The 'You might also like' element is great as it allows the user to click through and view other 'hacks' that more than likely fall into the realm of what they have been seeking. Other handy and very useful features at the 'Homepage' stage include an instant 'like' field for each post along with the usual Facebook, Twitter and email links that all help the user to promote that specific posting.
Beyond the Homepage, there are other clearly visible categories in the top navigation that allow the user to learn more about how the site works and who created it. This is also where one goes in order to submit details of a personal 'hack' that they would like to see on the site via the 'Post a Hack' section. In addition, there is a 'Shop' section that allows the user to purchase both new and used Ikea items currently looking for homes.


Rating 7.0

Overall, the design and layout of Ikea Hackers is very clean and simple. We are greeted by a fun and quirky logo that gives a nod to the instruction leaflets that one associates with flat packed furniture. The white background is probably a wise decision as it compliments the vast myriad of photos on the site without causing any distraction. The combination of light grey accent colours combined with blue and black text also works perfectly well.


Rating 8.2

There are some very great, quirky and clever 'hacks' showcased on this blog and at a time when so many people are on the lookout for original yet relatively inexpensive furniture solutions, combined with a bit of good old fashioned elbow grease, this blog could be the perfect solution. So whether you are trying to think of a way to spruce up your 'Billy' bookcase or want to completely makeover your 'Grono' table lamp, there is bound to be a source of inspiration on offer here for you. Three cheers for glue-guns and screwdrivers!