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Added 27/01/2012
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Introduction: is a daily updated blog that features the coolest products that you can buy online.



Rating 8.0

Unlike some of the product based sites I've come across, 'Holycool' has a good range of 'cool' products on offer some of which are actually more than style over substance. Don't get me wrong, it does have it's fair sure of what I would refer to as novelty products; the kind that one receives from a random relative who clearly didn't have much idea for Christmas presents.

With such a great selection of truly useful products on offer such as the 'Roll Up Travel Charger' and the 'Wood Whale', combined with fun and playful products such as 'Peeking Muppets Wall Decals' and 'Tea Fishing', there will certainly be something of interest on offer for you and your loved ones.


Rating 6.0

When it comes to functionality, Holycool works in much the way you would expect from a blog site; one simply scrolls down the listings on the homepage to peruse the various products that have been added. There is a filtering system that allows the user to search for products under specific categories such as 'Home Stuff', 'Stationary' and 'Art'. These come under the title 'What kind of cool stuff are you looking for?' There is also a 'Blog Archive' that allows one to sort by specific months from the drop-down menu to be found lower down on the right hand side of the page which, unfortunately, isn't very prominent. It's certainly highly beneficial to the user to have such search facilities but I find it strange that they've been spread out so much; I can't help but feel that an ever present filtering system would have served the site much more effectively.

Beyond the homepage, we are presented with an 'about' page and a 'contact' page. Generally I would consider such pages to be 'normal' but in this instance they're pointless because the contents of each is exactly the same. Wouldn't it have been more effective to have an 'about' page with a simple email contact address at the base? In essence this is what we have, so there really doesn't need to be this duplicity.

The handiest part of the blog is the fact that one can link directly to the specific site where the product is available, in order to purchase it. We are also given the price next to the aforementioned link which is really useful.


Rating 6.0

The overall layout of Holycool is innocuous enough and it's plain white background serves the product images very well. Despite using a clean sans seriffed typeface for the branding and menu headings, I feel there is a clash between the name of the site and the heading 'all things cool'. Especially as a gradiated rainbow effect has been used on the logo which I would say cheapens the overall appearence. Due to the placement of the text, it is easy to forget the name of the site is 'Holycool' and not 'all things cool'; the hierarchy here certainly needs addressing in order to help establish a stronger brand.


Rating 6.7

As I previously mentioned, unlike various other product based blog sites I've come across, Holycool actually does contain some very 'cool' products that I would happily purchase for my friends and family should I ever be stuck for gift ideas. As I highlighted in the functionality and layout sections, there are a few glitches that if ironed out, will leave a very nice blog certainly worthy of regular visits. And despite my criticism, one shouldn't forget that blog sites can often be the product of a single individual who keeps things going in their spare time. I'm not sure if this is the case here or not but one certainly can't deny that a site that brings the existence of the 'I could eat a horse' spaghetti measuring tool to ones attention, has to have something positive going for it.