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Added 16/06/2009
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People Forever Celebrating lives. Making the family bond stronger.
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People Forever is a site for biographies and testimonials about important people. In this case, "important" may mean "world famous", "extremely talented", "very influential", or "my beloved grandmother". Each user can create a profile of a celebrity, family member, a person who is still alive, or someone deceased, or even a historical person, whose existence can't be proven beyond doubt.



Rating 9.0

<p>People Forever allows the users to create a place for the loved, or admired ones, to post their pictures, biographies, and personal thoughts about them, so the memory of them will remain "forever". Users can also create groups of interest, or gather around certain topics or causes. </p>


Rating 8.0

<p>There are many activities for the users to take part in. First, there's the "Forevers" section, where testimonials can be added. Each "Forever" profile can contain the biography, media, quotations, achievements, as well as legends and monuments, so a well created profile can be a source of detailed information about this person. There are also ratings, in which users vote if the person is likable, respectable and lovable. Everyone can share their memories and join the fans, or devotees (in case of deity profiles) group. The design is very similar to that of <a href="" rel="nofollow">Swingvine</a>, where people also create sites of their favorite things, and trends, only here, all the sites are about people. The points system is also similar - the more good content a user creates, the more points he will get.</p>
<p>Apart from viewing and creating profiles, users can join communities, associated with various topics, which are found in about 30 categories. There's also a music section, where users upload songs, and a player allows to listen to chosen ones, or create a personal playlists.</p>
<p>Generally, there are many things to do, people to connect to and topics to discuss, and songs to listen to.</p>


Rating 10

<p>The site is well designed, the search engine is easy to use, and groups categories are precise. It looks pleasant, modern, spacious and friendly. The sites are divided into clear blocks, and photo miniatures show where we can find reference to people we want to read about. The layout is kept in blue, pastel colours, where the pictures and bright logo are the only dramatic accents. </p>


Rating 9.0

<p>People Forever is based on a very nice idea - to remember the people who influenced us, and share the memories with others. Users write about them in respectful manner, much unlike what we usually see in gossip magazines. Most current users of the site come from India, and it's reflected in the choice of music, and topics, so it's also an interesting way to learn about Indian culture.</p>