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Added 16/06/2009
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Social Translations is a site whose aim is to translate Internet sites content to different languages, and do it through selfless effort of translators from all over the world. The creators want to form a place for "real translations in context" instead of those provided by "inaccurate translation tools".



Rating 8.0

<p>Internet might be mostly in English, but as not everyone on the planet is proficient enough in English, they are excluded from enjoying the access to information. Also, many sites (related to tourism or business) need to have more than one language version. Here is where professional translators should step in, but that's not always the case, and some sites are left without translation, or with a horrible one provided by translating programes. Social Translations wants to gather people who are proficient in many languages, and allow them to create a reliable database or translated items.</p>


Rating 1.0

<p>The first thing that the site claims is "we translate information in the context that it's meant to be translated in", which is a wonderful idea, because each translator knows how the meaning of one word can vary depending on the context. But then, we have a bunch of words or expressions like "Members", "Account information", "level" or even "by", and none of them appears to be in any context. I suppose, that translating "in context" would mean showing a piece of text, describing its origin and then translating it accurately. Members have their profiles, which contain only the name, avatar, known languages and translations done already. There's no information about qualifications, so it seems like everyone who thinks he knows the language well enough, can become a translator on this site, which might result in bad quality of the translations. Then we have the "languages" section, which shows the number of people who declared the knowledge of specific languages, and the translations, but there's no way to set a language pair, and check how many are there Spanish to English, or Welsh to Punjabi translations. The most important part of the site, which is the "translations" section, is as messy as the other ones. There are useful categories, like "Geography and places" or "Sports", which gives us some kind of context, but there's no search engine, so the user would have to browse through all category to find what he's looking for, which will become impossible once the content grows. The translations appear in order in which they were added, so there is no division into different languages, and "Cycling - English &gt; Spanish" is right next to Last Name - English &gt; Galician. The only reasonable part of the site is the "videos" section, where all text which appears in the video can be translated, and written in the box next to the video.</p>


Rating 1.0

<p>The site looks rather unattractive, with an ugly green color as a main accent, and no interesting design solutions whatsoever. The design is very old fashioned, and lacks some of the most obvious tools, such as a search engine, or connections to well established dictionaries.</p>


Rating 3.3

<p>Well, the idea of providing all internet users with a free and good quality translations is a very noble one. The problem with this site is, that it basically repeats the content of regular dictionaries, but in a very limited form and is difficult to use. Because the site lacks ranking or evaluation features, there's no way to check whether a translation (of a whole video for example) is correct or not. I don't think that this site has any chance to succeed, unless its rebuilt in a significant way, and more necessary features are added.</p>