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Yes Yes Y'all is a music site started by a group of friends designed to be a venue for their
collective voice; to comment, share, and praise the music that moves all of them. Yes Yes Y'all is all about bringing up the good in music creativity and helping artists on their way to making their mark.



Rating 10

<p>When I first discovered 'Yes Yes Y'all' I wasn't expecting a great deal, especially as the name wasn't something I instantly gravitated towards. I have to admit that I expected to hear the odd mediocre track and see a few average videos scattered in a sea of bland, under produced trash. That was my mistake! I haven't clicked on anything yet that I haven't enjoyed, in fact I would happily purchase a lot of the music I've heard and gladly rave about many of the videos to my friends.
<br />A majority of the artists represented, I haven't heard of, so I decided to just go for it and play/watch a few at random. I have to say, I''m extremely impressed by what I've seen and heard, there is some seriously great talent showcased on this site. So either the guys behind 'YYY' are exceptionally good at selecting the best of what's new and relatively unheard of out there, or I just happen to share a very specific taste with them, which would obviously explain my delight at finding this site. Either way, I'll be back (sorry for the poor Schwarzenegger reference there, it wasn't intentional.)</p>


Rating 10

The video streaming here is fantastic and typifies just how far technology has progressed in a very short space of time. It blows my mind that within seconds of opening the site, I am presented with a full screen, high quality video that's already playing. And even better, the videos play continuously until the user decides otherwise. Incidentally, this default section is under the 'Channel Y' tab.The other three tabs are 'The Blog', 'YYY Radio' and 'Submit'; all reasonably self explanatory, although I would like to take a moment to mention 'YYY Radio'. This neat addition to the site is basically a list of every song that has been added, which will play continuously until the user navigates elsewhere. There are options to sort, shuffle and toggle through the tracks, with each one accompanied by a brief synopsis of the artist displayed.
The overall user interfaces on 'YYY' are very slick and well designed. I've become very accustomed to the bog standard set of controls for playing videos, music etc but the guys here appear to have climbed ever so slightly out of the box with their refreshingly smooth understated controllers. The sharing facilities are also superb. One simply clicks on the visible yet innocuous 'Share' button at the bottom left of the screen to reveal a pop-up box displaying a list of sharing options that include 'Email','Facebook', and 'Twitter' etc; very neat.


Rating 9.0

As with the functionality of 'YYY', the design and layout is slick. Very nice icons are set against a backdrop of blacks and greys which serve the sites content extremely well throughout. The titles/credits displayed in between the videos work well and become the perfect accompaniment to the content that follows, creating enough interest to carry on watching whilst remaining innocuous enough to not interfere with the star of the show - the video itself.
Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of the slightly insipid colours they've selected for the rollovers and headers on the subsequent pages but to be honest this is only a minor criticism and I'm sure there will be many that do favour such loud hues.


Rating 9.7

The guys at 'YYY' should be very proud of what they've achieved to date, especially as they all have day jobs and only manage the site when they have time. If the standard so far is a result of what they've produced in their spare time, I can't imagine how much more they could achieve if 'YYY' took over and became their day jobs. There's a myriad of music based sites out there and it will be a big shame if 'YYY' doesn't gain the popularity it deserves. I can honestly say that I can't think of a better site to visit to help me on my quest to find exciting new music and inspirational videos. Well done!!!