Serial Cooking - food and friendship
Added 16/06/2009
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Food & Drink


Cooking and eating are one of the most important social activities, so they should appear in the Internet world as well. There are cook books, advice and diet pages, and social networking sites that help people loose weight, but there is still a large, empty niche for those who just want to enjoy their food. 



Rating 10

<p><a href="" rel="nofollow">Serial Cooking</a> is a place for recipes, advice, photos and networking based around the love for food. Users can upload their own recipes, look for inspiration, and comment those already uploaded, add photos of their culinary wonders, and find friends with similar tastes. The site has some Twitter-like features, such as following other users to check their new activities, so it will not be just a searchable cook-book, but might become a living community of users.</p>


Rating 10

<p>The site welcomes the users with a series of tasty looking photos, and we can choose to click on them to see the description of the dish that looks tempting, or we can use the categories, or browser to find something specific. The quality of the recipes depends on the users, but the site is designed in a way to help them organize the descriptions and make them easy to understand and follow. The recipe site is divided into fields (personal comments, ingredients, and directions), each recipe can be added to appropriate category (appetizers, lunch etc.). Photos might be uploaded from the users discs, or Flickr and are moderated, so there's no danger of finding inappropriate ones. Users can comment, recommend, flag and save chosen recipes, or add them to the list of planned dishes. There's an interesting functionality, found also on diet sites - creating grocery list based on the dishes the user is planning to prepare in a defined amount of time. In other words, the cook can choose the most interesting dishes, add them to the list for next weeks cooking, and print a list of products which will include all the necessary things. As most cooks love to compete, the site offers a weekly list of top 5 recipes, based on the points given by users (1 recommendation equals 1 point).</p>


Rating 8.0

<p>The layout is simple, but very user friendly, with large photos of dishes as a centre of attention. Each recipe is clearly divided into ingredients, description and comments sections, and the menu icons are pretty, and tags visible. The only problems might be the size of the letters, which can be too small for comfortable reading. There's nothing really revolutionary about the looks of this site, but I suppose it has everything most users need.</p>


Rating 9.3

<p>I really enjoyed browsing through this site - it's friendly, with nice and warm atmosphere, and I believe it can really gather a creative community of people who enjoy cooking good dishes and sharing them with their real life friends. It's good to find a social networking site which is so closely related to "the real world" and inspires real live activities - in this case, cooking tasty, slow food.</p>