Will My Dog Hate Me?
Added 05/12/2011
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Will My Dog Hate Me? A guilt-free zone for good dog owners.
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A generally humorous blog covering a great range of dog-related topics, Will My Dog Hate Me is geared towards people who want to do right by their dogs and have fun with them.



Rating 7.0

As a former dog owner myself, I totally get this mostly humorous blog managed by writer and editor Edie Jarolim. She didn't get her first dog until she was an adult and as a result had many reservations and worries about how to do the best by her new found canine friend. This resulted in her going on a quest to explore the vast plethora of information out there, helping to answer some of her questions and quash some of her fears. Inspired by her findings, she went on to write the book "Am I Boring My Dog? And 99 Other Things Every Dog Wishes You Knew". The book was then the main catalyst that lead her to develop this factual and often amusing blog.

Content wise, I don't imagine this blog would be appealing to non-dog lovers although there are some very funny moments, especially the videos, that should appeal to a much bigger audience. There is material on offer ranging from a video for the 'The great Yorkie Bark-Off' through to the ever prevalent, very well produced, videos promoting dog castration featuring celebrities such as John McEnroe and actress Katherine Heigl.


Rating 7.0

As one would expect from a blog, we are presented with something that's very simple and intuitive to use. The continuous flow of dog related information reveals a wealth of musings, anecdotes and facts. The page can also be filtered by selecting a topic from the list found lower down on the right hand side of the page. The categories include useful themes such as 'Pet Travel', 'Pet Products' and 'Dog health' and then more humorous and slightly bizarre themes such as 'Dog Rappers' and 'Dog Poop'. It's a very useful inclusion to the blog, however, I can't quite figure out why it's been placed in such an odd place. One has to scroll down the page just to find it. I'm sure it would serve it's purpose much better if it was much closer to the header on the left hand side; a place where one would instinctively go to find such information.
Not surprisingly, there are the usual 'RSS', 'Facebook' and 'Twiiter' buttons present, allowing the user to follow Edie's blog. There is also the option to click and 'Like' particular postings via Facebook and to 'Tweet' them via 'Twitter'. Always a great way to keep a track of what the great public think of ones musings.


Rating 7.0

Layout wise, there isn't a great deal to say here. The blog is neatly presented with black seriffed type set against a predominantly white background peppered with blue hyperlinks; all very intuitive and easy to see.
Although there isn't any branding as such, there is a photo of 'Frankie', Edie Jarolims own dog and the inspiration for her book and blog. I can't help but giggle every time I see his surprised little face staring back at me, a nice touch that certainly helps to break up what could have been a much colder looking site.


Rating 7.0

Overall, I would say that 'Will My Dog Hate Me' is an often fun and light hearted blog with a sprinkling of useful information for dog owners or even people who just like dog related sites. Like I previously mentioned, I'm sure it's not a site for everyone, in fact some of the humour really isn't that funny unless you enjoy seeing dogs dressed in ridiculous outfits and/or videos of them dubbed over with human voices. Call me sad but such material does tickle my funny bone and should I have the pleasure of owning another dog in the future, I hope that this blog is still here as there is some genuinely useful information on offer. Edie Jarolim writes well, so one can't help being drawn into her wonderful world of fur, teeth and erm... fancy dress!