Bookshelf Porn
Added 05/12/2011
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Bookshelf Porn Porn for book lovers.
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Bookshelf Porn is a photo blog collection of all the best bookshelf photos from around the world for people who *heart* bookshelves.



Rating 9.0

I have come across a variety of weird and wonderful social media sites/blogs in my time but so far I would have to say that 'Bookshelf Porn' gets my award for the most bizarre. Just the name itself is an instant attention grabber and I have to admit that for a moment I did wonder whether the nature of this blog is as dubious as it's name implies. Fortunately it isn't and the only thing 'sexy' comes by way of a collection of often beautiful furniture and architecture designs. If someone had told me this time yesterday that I would be sitting here writing a review relating to bookshelves, I probably would have laughed in their faces. However, it so happens that this is a rather captivating blog showcasing an array of beautiful, elegant, and often quirky content.


Rating 9.0

Not surprisingly, as one would hope from a blog site, it's very easy to navigate around and is definitely user friendly. To view the amount of 'Notes' about a specific image on the homepage, one simply hovers over the 'shelf' in question. Displayed is the amount as well as the date it was added.
The navigation on the left hand side consists of 3 categories; 'About', 'Favorites' and 'Random'. All self explanatory although it's worth noting that 'Random' literally does what it says on the tin; click there and it will jump to a specific bookshelf page at random.
The images can be filtered by various book related categories including: Bookshops, Libraries, Unique Bookshelves, Furniture Bookshelves, Book Quotes, Home Libraries, Book Art, Street Bookshelves, Hidden Door Bookshelves, Color Coded Bookshelves, Bookshelf Tattoos (yes, you did read that correctly!).
As with a lot of sites of this nature, the user has the option to 'like' the entire blog via Facebook and can 'follow' via Twitter.


Rating 9.0

Aesthetically, this is a very slick looking blog. It's typography and layout feel very understated whilst maintaining a high standard of contemporary elegance from it's simple use of greys, whites and sans serif type. Ok, it is a 'Tumblr' theme but none the less it seems to be the perfect layout for a blog of this nature. The bookshelf images themselves look great in this environment and also, dare I say, captivating.


Rating 9.0

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the intention of Anthony Dever was when he created this blog. Does the idea of having a blog entirely dedicated to bookshelves tickle his funny bone to the point of euphoria or does he have a genuine love and passion for book shelves? I would personally like to believe the latter or maybe it's a sprinkling of both, combined with some other bizarre reason for liking inanimate objects that my brain doesn't comprehend. After all, there are actually human beings out there who have gone through the pain of having images of bookshelves tattooed onto their bodies (see the 'Bookshelf Tattoos' section). Anyway, what ever his reasons maybe, he has succeeded in creating a funny, stylish and appealing blog with masses of appeal. Trip to the library anyone?