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Lost At E Minor is an online publication of inspiring art, design, music, photography and pop culture: low brow sensibilities mashed up with the grittier elements of high brow culture. The site was founded in 2005 by brothers Zolton and Zac Zavos.



Rating 10

The intriguingly named 'Lost At E Minor' is an absolutely fantastic online publication / magazine; I could actually spend hours getting lost in its vast database of exciting, fun and interesting stories, videos and audio clips. I literally found myself laughing out loud when I found a video in the 'Music' section of the 'Chinese old-folks choir' covering Lady Gaga's Bad Romance! This just illustrates the diversity of the content found here. Then again, this is hardly a surprise as the sites contributors are made up of a worldwide team that unite in fueling it's very interesting, diverse and eclectic content. I'm sure there will be something of interest here for you whether you're looking for an article that's fun and a tiny bit crass such as a video of a pug dressed as a 'Hoth Wampa' from Star Wars or simply an insight into the latest 'green' tableware available. I also love the fact that a lot of the posts relating to music and film, for example, aren't just about obvious new releases by people that are already in the mass consciousness, there is a brilliant range of more obscure and potentially unheard of material that further fuels the kudos of this great site.


Rating 9.0

Despite the fact that Lost At E Minor is a very busy site, it is still very simple to navigate; within minutes you will find yourself jumping around the different sections, discovering the great content on offer. There are 15 key categories to choose from including 'Architecture', 'Art', 'Design', 'Eco', 'Film', 'Music' and 'Food' to name but a few. Not surprisingly, the Homepage displays a selection of the sites latest additions, with stories and articles from the various aforementioned categories. Each story has a synopsis, often with the option to click through and 'Read more'. The kind developers have also included options on each posting that allow the user to express their interest via links with 'Facebook', 'Twitter' and 'Google+'; A great way to share some of the great postings with friends and colleagues.

Besides the aforementioned, there's the great addition of an 'Online Store' with a host of exciting products for sale ranging from very cool and contemporary watches and jewelry through to quirky T-shirts and vintage jackets.


Rating 7.0

The overall layout of the site works reasonably well with easy to read headlines and text set against a predominantly white and pale green colour palette. This is all housed by a plain black background that helps to give everything some lift.
I can't help but feel that the main subject headings such as 'Art', 'Design' and 'Events' etc, all look a bit fussy. Personally, I would probably ditch the images that they've placed behind each heading, ultimately helping the navigation area to relax a bit more. In fact, due to the content heavy nature of the site, everything does feel very busy. This isn't such a bad thing but like I just said, a few tweaks here and there could be the cherry on the cake.
Also, I can't help feeling that their logo feels slightly clunky and constrained; although I like the idea that they regularly update the banner that sits to its right, using submissions from their list of worldwide users. Past banners can actually be viewed in their 'Featured Banners' section, allowing the user to see for themselves some of the great and inspirational artwork previously used.


Rating 8.7

Lost At E Minor is definitely a site to be bookmarked, I have no doubt that you will find yourself going back to peruse it's labyrinth of exciting content on a regular basis. Maybe I'm a bit sad but I often find myself meeting up with friends and sitting ogling over ridiculous, funny, interesting and bizarre posts on Youtube. Unfortunately, there's been so many occasions where I've rapidly run out of suggestions, longing to have a resource that offers me great inspiration that I can wow my (equally as sad) friends with. Sadly I have struggled to find such a resource until now; so here's to many nights sitting transfixed around a monitor looking at posts ranging from 80's B-Movie film trailers to wacky synth pop from New Zealand!