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Added 11/11/2011
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Rate, review and list gigs you've been to in the past and share them with others. Gig Lovers provide a place that's convenient for you to store your gig history with others.



Rating 6.0

Being able to catalogue ones gig going history is a pretty neat idea. It's also very useful to be able to go to one source to see a list of gigs happening on specific dates, especially as there is the option to filter the results by specific cities and venues. This is a really handy feature especially if you know you're going to be in a specific area on a specific date and want a quick and easy way to see what's on.


Rating 4.0

Gig Lovers is easy to navigate and has some handy features such as promotional widgets and email alerts.
The Homepage displays a list of gigs that are on for that particular day, using the band/artists name as a hyperlink to a more detailed page about the gig in question. There are also links to websites where one can purchase the tickets (assuming they are still available).

The part of the site that interests me most, is the future gig listings. However, it doesn't appear to be giving a true representation of the gigs that are actually on. For example, my favourite venue in Leeds is 'The Brudenell Social Club" and although they have the venue listed, it simply states "We don't have details of any upcoming gigs at this venue". Having checked the venues' official site, it is clear that there are many gigs listed for that period, so in other words, even though some of the information on the 'Gig Lovers' website is accurate, it really lets itself down by it's failure to list various other great gigs that are on.


Rating 4.0

Overall, the design and layout is innocuous enough with it's predominantly green, grey and white colour palette combined with a simple sans serif logo. However, the execution for the date specific gig list found on the homepage is very bizarre. I'm sure the designer/s had their reasons but in my opinion, the way they have created a list of hyperlinks in a range of different font sizes is not a good move; it just looks messy. Also, the fact that certain bands and artists appear smaller than others almost makes them appear less important. Maybe it's a subtle way of telling us who they actually prefer.

Beyond the aforementioned, another bugbear I have is the lack of band/artist images in the 'Popular Bands' and 'Bands' section. Fair enough, if the band/artist is really obscure, it's understandable that there might not be an image available but come on, we're talking about people like 'The Cure', 'Adele' and 'The Smashing Pumpkins'; can it be so hard to source an image of them? The sea of question marks we are presented with instead only cheapens the look of the site and does make one 'question' how much effort is put into maintaining a fresh and exciting looking site.


Rating 4.7

My biggest criticism of the site is the fact that it includes theatre within it's list of 'gigs'. Personally, I would never class a theatre performance as a gig but just to confirm I'm not missing the point, I looked up a dictionary definition of the word gig and amongst other completely unrelated definitions, this is what it said: "a live performance by or engagement for a musician or group playing popular or jazz music." I rest my case.

I have to be honest, Gig lovers isn't a site I would make a habit of using. Like I previously mentioned, there is something quite nice about compiling a list of gigs I've been to over the years but then realistically, do I really care so much that I will want to keep going back to a website to remind myself? The most appealing part of the site would have been the the list of gigs coming but as the list isn't any where near as comprehensive as I would like, I'm afraid to say that it's unlikely I will be visiting it again anytime soon.

Overall, I would say this site does have potential but there is a lot of ironing out required.