Search-End - a pointless social network
Added 16/06/2009
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Search-End, as the name suggests, is supposed to be the place you'll never have to leave to find a better one. In that case, it should be the ultimate social networking site, which contains all the good qualities and lacks the annoying ones, the site that will satisfy all the needs of the user.



Rating 4.0

The description of the site says that it's a site for those who don't feel convinced by the quality of the most popular social networks, but I'm not really sure what this site has to offer to new users. It contains all the most necessary features, such as following friends' activities, creating photo galleries, completing polls and such, and does not have some of the most obvious traits from MySpace (adding music files) or Facebook (the wall, games, quizzes), and most certainly, it will not reach similar number of users anytime soon.


Rating 4.0

As everywhere else, a new user gets to create a profile with basic information, but, unlike more popular sites, Search-End does not encourage users to fill in thematic information (interests, hobbies, tastes) boxes, but allows them to leave most of the profile blank. It is possible to change the layout of the profile by adding one's own css code, which is not intuitive at all, and most users, used to choosing templates will not know how to do that, or could make mistakes. I'm sure there are dozens of more user friendly ways to let the users customize their profiles. Users can create photo albums, which are later published on one "Albums" page, in the same order they had been added. There's space for discussion groups, or forums, so the users can exchange their opinions as comments to polls. It appears, that the only way to start a conversation about a certain topic is to create a poll, and as polls disappear from the main site when new ones are uploaded, an interesting discussion could simply become impossible to find after some time. Users receive points for their activities, followed by ranks - it appears that a novice user has the rank of "lieutenant", while someone with more points becomes a "member". I suppose it would be more reasonable to keep the ranks in one style, either military, or regular. Once you take a look around the site, it appears that there is not much to do. There are few users, few activities, and no reason to stay longer.


Rating 2.0

The sit is set in white, in the simplest possible block style, some of the pages are full, some are half empty, so the site looks disorganised. There is absolutely nothing visually interesting about it, except the users photos maybe. Unfortunately, they are subject to strange size-adjustment policy, which makes all the main photos in the users' albums the same size, with distorted proportions. It would probably be much better to simply create thumbnails of bigger photos, instead of ruining them with stretching and flattening. Another annoying thing is the presence of mistakes - the "Invite" menu appears twice for no reason, and the names of the users are invisible in the "Top users" section.


Rating 3.3

I understand, that some people may dislike the looks, or functionalities, or even the size of the most popular networking sites and want to create a more pleasant environment for themselves and their friends. Unfortunately, with such an enormous and well developed competition, in order to create a good site, one would have to come up with something original, or at least well made. In the case of Search-End, none of the qualities are present, and I doubt that it will be able to tempt enough users to survive.