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1000 Markets was created for artisans and craftsmen who want to advertise and sell their products in a friendly atmosphere. It's not just an online shop, but a whole community of people of many trades - painters, candle makers, blacksmiths, jewelry makers, and even natural cosmetics manufacturers.



Rating 7.0

EBay is filled with everything, it's like a huge shopping mall where you can find all kinds of objects, from cheap, used objects, to yachts and houses. It is possible to establish a successful shop with handmade products, but it could easily get lost among all those huge ones. 1000 markets, on the other hand, is like a small street with vintage clothes, candle shops and jewelry stands - where artists themselves greet the customer.


Rating 7.0

A brand new user can create his own shop, or join one of the existing markets - for example, the "Eco-Friendly" market for someone who uses natural materials, or "Just Hats" if one is a hat maker. The markets are organized around themes, locations, or are just "groups of like-minded individuals", and items for sale can be posted on many markets.
Shops look much like personal profiles, with the artists blog, list of items for sale, and a site with important information, such as selling policies, addresses and a map. The community feel of this site is enhanced by the Forums and Community sections, where people discuss their inspirations, and techniques of their crafts. 00 Doing business through the site is not free, of course. A Market Simple fee consists of 5,5% + 50c and is deducted from the value of each sold item. The site uses Amazon Payments, which may be a bit annoying for those users who are used to PayPal, and is not supported outside of the US for now.


Rating 9.0

The design is absolutely lovely, and it fits the artistic and ecologic content very well. The colors are pleasant and gentle, and the shops and markets sites are put together in an esthetic and efficient way. Browsing the site is pure joy, even if one is not desperately looking for something to buy.


Rating 7.7

1000 Markets is a great place for artists and art lovers. The first group can publish their products, and thanks to the "Markets" system, can link them to different groups, while the second one can find perfect gifts, decorations, natural food, and cosmetics, and buy them straight from the manufacturers. This community is not only about business, but also art, beauty, and inspiration.