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eSPIN-the-Bottle Teens, fun quizzes, good times!
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eSPIN-the-Bottle is a new twist on an old game. It's a quick and easy way to meet new people and find out if they want to meet you without the risk of rejection! Let's face it. Rejection is bad... rejection by someone you don't know is really bad. That's where eSPIN-the-Bottle comes in. We let you express an interest in someone new. If they decide that they like you back, we let you know and you'll be able to use our Match Mail system.
Match Mail lets you to keep your personal identity a secret while you correspond with your match. Get to know them, quiz them, whatever, all without them knowing who you are in "real life." Ultimately, it's totally up to you to decide if and when you reveal your true identity.
If you're under 18 you can only spin for people who are under 18. If you're over 18, you can't spin for people who are under 18.



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