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Behance Network The Creative Professional Platform
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The Behance Network, launched in 2008 is a site for artists who want to create an online portfolio, and advertise their works. There are sections devoted to different kinds of art - from Acrobatics to Writing, which makes it very easy to browse.

Users can also create their own 'circles' - similar to thematic groups, and invite other users to join their 'inner circle' - which is similar to a group, or network of friends, we can find on other sites. Each user can create a portfolio, which is easy to manage, thanks to the site's smart design, and get comments and feedback from other users. There are also rankings, based on the number of coments, views, and 'favourites' adds, and a job list, where users can post their CVs and job adds.



The Behance Network
Trupki Created by Kasia Zielińska
rating 9.7

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