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Diaspora is a free personal web server that implements a distributed social networking service. The project is currently under development by Dan Grippi, Maxwell Salzberg, Raphael Sofaer, and Ilya Zhitomirskiy, students at New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. The group received donations in excess of $200,000 via Kickstarter. Diaspora is the social network that puts you in control of your information. You decide what you'd like to share, and with whom. You retain full ownership of all your information, including friend lists, messages, photos, and profile details. You can post updates to everyone, to just your close friends, to just your family, or to any other subset of your friends. It's easy to make these groups, called 'aspects,' and it's straightforward to share different things with different aspects. Diaspora doesn't expose your information to advertisers, or to games you play, or to other websites you visit. It-s inherently private - you tell Diaspora who gets to see those pictures of your kids, and only those people will see them. Period.



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