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DeviantART is an online community of artists, both professional and amateur, expressing themselves through a wide range of artistic styles, from visual art such as photography, pencil sketches, digital graphics, body art, and artisan crafts, to written pieces of poetry and prose. History DeviantART is one of the longest active online communities. It was created by Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff and Matthew Stephens in Hollywood and launched in August 2000. Since then, the number of users has grown to over 10 million, but the developers team engaged in a series of conflicts, especially between Jarkoff and Sotira. Features As most networking site, DeviantART has the user profile option, so each registered user can create his or her own profile, with basic information, the description of hobbies, interests, favorite music, artists and preferred artistic styles. Users upload their works, can write journals, comment on other users' works, and add them to 'favorites'. The galleries are divided into detailed categories, and users who upload their new works have to choose the category in which the picture, or text will be displayed. Browsing can be filtered through user profiles, types of art, time, popularity and key words. DeviantART photos can be ordered in print if their authors purchase a 'print account' or used as stock photos. The site has it's own shop, where prints, t-shirts, accessories and even the plush version of the Fella mascot are available. There are also forums, message boards, and a messaging network called dAmn, similar to IRC. Terminology Deviant - a user of DeviantArt
Deviation - a piece of artwork submitted by a user, fully polished and in a state for exhibition
Print - a piece of artwork available for purchase
Scrap - an unfinished work, not exhibited prominently Payments Basic membership is free, but there are many additional options that require payment. Premium account (easier browsing, no ads, CSS templates etc) costs $2.70 a month. Interesting facts As the name suggests, the dominating themes of DeviantART tend to be a bit eccentric, including gothic, fantasy and fetish. The most prominent group of users, are people connected with goth, emo, vampire, or role playing games subcultures, who consider 'deviant' to be a flattering, and not an offensive word.



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