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EHow is a community devoted to sharing knowledge and giving advice on almost all imaginable topics. Some of the content is created by proffesional authors, but most articles are written by the users who want to share the information about a skill or technique they posess and consider useful. History EHow was founded in 1999, and in the beginning, the articles were provided by a huge team of 200 proffesional writers, and managed by 25 engineers. Soon it had thousands of articles and became very popular, thanks to a large advertising campaign. Unfortunately, it wasn't making any money, and had a large group of employees to support, and went bankrupt. 2 years later it was bought by, but the site still didn't make profits. In 2004, eHow was bought again, this time by Jack Herrick and Josh Hannah, the owners of wikiHow. They managed the site themselves for a while, got the traffic to rise to more than 4 million visitors a month, and then sold it to Demand Media in 2006. In September, the managers came up with a good idea to let the users contribute to the site with their ideas and created, later they introduced social networking features, and eHow and weHow were merged. Features There are regular social networking features such as users profiles, messaging, adding to friends' lists, commenting etc, but also tools for publishing user-generated content, which can range from a short, written description, to an elaborate piece with videos and photos. The categories for advice and instruction are detailed and it's very easy to find the needed information. Once a user publishes his or her advice, other users can comment it and rate it's usefulness, or flag if it's inapropriate.
A new and motivating feature is the possibility of earning money for the articles - there's no set price, but it's calculated on the basis of usefulness for users, their comments and ratings. The more appreciated the article is, the more money the author can make. The payments are made throught Paypal. Interesting Facts The instructions on eHow deal with an enormous number of topics, so the user can learn how to fill in tax documents, apply for a visa, take good photos, but also how to transport bunnies, talk to the cat or evoke ghosts. There are also articles about writing eHow articles. Payments EHow membership is free, but the users can earn money by publishing useful articles.



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