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Music is an internet radio and music community website, founded in 2002. It uses a music recommendation system called "Audioscrobbler," builds a detailed profile of each user's musical taste by recording details of all the songs the user listens to, either on the streamed radio stations or on the user's computer or some portable music devices. This information is transferred to's database ("scrobbled") via a plugin installed into the user's music player. The profile data is then displayed on the user's profile page. The site offers numerous social networking features and can recommend and play artists similar to the user's favourites. Of course, apart from the 'music' features, there are also some 'social' ones, such as creating a list of friends, posting messages and comments on each other's profiles, sending private messages, browsing for people with similar interests, location or musical taste. There's an taste compatibility application, that discovers whether our musical taste is similar, or completely different to the taste of another user. Users can comment nearly everything - songs, albums, performers, other user's profiles, and also add tags that describe the songs in a more or less accurate way (which sometimes leads to strange results, when a group of users decides to tag a performer as 'the worst thing that happened to music'. There are different kinds of radio the user can play - whole albums by chosen performers, songs 'similar to' chosen song or artist, one's own playlist, or a set of songs marked as favourite. There are also levels of possibilities of choosing the songs and creating users radios, depending on whether one has paid the $3/month subscription or not.
There are also artists' biographies, concert schedules, information about new releases, and other data useful for every fan.



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